Vincent Goes Splat

A bounding comedy for a bitter heart. Written and performed by Wil Greenway, directed by Kellie Tori

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Vincent in Brighton

photo by Eleanor Kelly

Vincent Goes Splat took it's first run with lights and everything (CD player, seats/pews, Kath, Luke, Kel, some other really nice people who's name I don't know) at the Warren as part of Brighton Fringe.  The sun was out, the beach was nearby and the show was born.  It's actually quite good.  I know what you're saying, "Wil, you're biased.  Also you're a liar."  Fair enough too, but these people aren't:

"Wil threads words into paragraphs like beads on a chain, creating little linguistic jewels of incredibly satisfying sentences which spill delightfully out into the room around him. He does the opposite of reeling in the audience, in fact it feels a bit like you wind bits of the story in yourself, each one of you tugging at a slightly different strand. And its funny because looking back and trying to articulate any rumination I might've had on this, it sort of feels like out there in that now empty room stands a story made up those gems. Built right there on an invisible table like a grand abandoned dolls house, the windows left open mid scene and those perfect little sentences rolling through on the breeze, planting tiny smiles in their wake. I sure liked this show. I liked it a lot."
Eleanor Kelly - living memory

“playful and charming...a writer and performer with great promise...Greenway is certainly a writer, and an extremely clever one.”
Amber Gregory - Broadway Baby 

The image used for this post was taken by Eleanor Kelly, you should take a look at her excellent blog. There's a link here and everything - living memory 

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