Vincent Goes Splat

A bounding comedy for a bitter heart. Written and performed by Wil Greenway, directed by Kellie Tori

Thursday, March 13, 2014

a bloody birth

Vincent Goes Splat is due to be born in Brighton at 17:00 on the 4th of May.  No one is exactly sure how much it will weigh, it would be safe to assume it will weigh something.

"What is it, Wil?  A play or something?"  Someone potentially asked.  "I'd love to know more about it."    

photo by Luke Lennox

I met Vincent a few years back, we were both plummeting toward a messy death. As we fell he shared his story - it was awful, disgusting and really funny; I’d like to tell it to you. 

From the idiot behind A Night to Dismember comes a bounding comedy for your bitter heart. Vincent Goes Splat is the difficult second album, the seven year itch, the ugly twin. A stupid new study of guilt, grief and gravity.

Runner-up Best Comedy and Best Comedy Performer at Auckland Fringe 2013

Things I didn't say -

"Completely original and confounding...I suspect we can expect great things."  Edinburgh Spotlight (UK)

"The eloquence of Charles Dickens...hilarious...skilled storytelling.”  Three Weeks (UK)

Sincere and one poetic, hilarious and strangely moving.” Kryztoff Raw (AUS)

A stellar storyteller.” The Music (AUS)

Greenway’s approach to storytelling and performance is incredibly unique…amazingly talented.” Gather&Hunt (NZ)

Never ceases to deliver the narrative with sincerity and a candour that mesmerises...Greenway is one to watch out for.” Rip it Up (AUS)

A masterful comic performance, impeccably timed.” Keeping up With NZ (AUS)

The writing is very strong. The style is an interesting and at times hilarious collision between a flowery, slightly mouldy poetry, full of extravagantly detailed and alliterative figures, and rough colloquialisms…A highly recommended show.”  Time out (AUS)

Things I did say -

sorry. sorry. sorry.

*booking info is just over here

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