Vincent Goes Splat

A bounding comedy for a bitter heart. Written and performed by Wil Greenway, directed by Kellie Tori

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Vincent Goes Splat in Edinburgh

Wil is packing his bags, forgetting his socks and asking next-door to water the plants - he's off to Edinburgh.

Look, here's Wil doing the show in Brighton, completely unaware of the massive fireplace about to eat his failing body.  Idiot.

The Show
"I met Vincent a few years back, and I guess I remember that meeting quite well because the circumstance was sort of unique – tipped from the edge of a tall building, we were both falling side by side like two eggs rolled off the kitchen bench. That fall took longer than you might expect, long enough in fact for Vincent to tell me how he got there. His story was awful, disgusting and really funny; I’d like to tell it to you.

Wil Greenway is co-creator of The Lounge Room Confabulators (winner of the Underbelly Edinburgh Award 2011 and the Adelaide Fringe Award 2010) and the sole idiot behind A Night to Dismember (runner-up Best Comedy and Best Comedy Performer Auckland Fringe 2013). This year he presents his stupid new study of guilt, grief and gravity. Vincent Goes Splat is an awful story, beautifully told.

You can book tickets here.
and see the TOTALY WORTH-IT facebook event here.

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